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Sirens 100% Organic Bandana



"Sirens" 100% Organic Cotton Bandana

This mystical mirage calls to the weary traveler with temptations of the flesh. However, an unforgiving, sinister reality hides just beneath the sexy veil.

Material: 100% Organic Cotton (GOTS Certified & Sustainably Sourced in India)

Measurement: 21’’ x 21" The Artists: MUTI (Cape Town, South Africa)

The Charity: Save The Rhino ( “Sirens” is inspired by the desert, a place of beauty and danger.

BANDITS is a socially conscious, artist-driven band of outlaws on a mission to build a BETTER bandana! From farm to forehead, Bandits builds bandanas better by adhering to 3 core principles:

1. Originality - Bandits bandanas feature original, never-before-seen designs created by artists from all over the world

2. Charity - For every bandana sold, Bandits donates 10% of proceeds to a charity of the artist’s choosing. As of May 2020, Bandits has proudly donated over $25,000 to incredible artist-chosen organizations across the globe.

3. Conscious Quality - Bandits bandanas are Fair Trade Certified and hand made from sustainably-sourced, ultra soft, 100% Organic Cotton